About me


I’m Giacomo Arru from Sassari (Italy!).


This is my personal website so I won’t write much about my professional life: I’ll put here only random hobby-related stuff: you’ll find Italian and English mixed content.


At this stage of my life I’m using the nickname of “Kaioh”. Until the age of 26 I was formerly known as “Funo”.

Who am I?

I’m a business consultant and manager.
I work as a corporate consultant to make companies upgrade their business models.

I’m married and I’m the father of three children.

In the past I was an high skill IT system administrator & integrator, a senior software developer, a database administrator and a computer/electronic technical enthusiast.

I managed datacenters and I was in love with GNU-Linux Servers.

While particularly inspired I enjoy writing poems and tales about my life. You could find some of that stuff in this blog.


Why this website?

You know: I needed a place where to publish my personal stuff. 🙂

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