Chi sono


I’m Giacomo Arru from Sassari, and at this stage of my life I’m using the nickname of “Kaioh”. In the past I used the “Funo” nickname.

I’m a system integrator, a software developer, a database administrator and a computer/electronic technical consultant.

Actually I’m working with GNU-Linux Servers and I’m studying to reach a not-embarassing comprehension level.

I deeply believe that we must jalously save our past days, specially beautyful experiences we had that make possible living today as we do.
We countinuosly meet new people and everyday we lose somebody that could be important or that is a lot, and we all shall keep this in mind while talking about lost friends.
This is a little present to my lost friends.

While particularly inspired I enjoy writing poems and tales about my life. You could find some of that stuff in this blog.

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